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- 于欧洲和亚洲的25个城市拥有丰富的技术和人脉资源, 来自技术、消费品和奢侈品市场的1700多名员工

- 集团在中国成功营商超过150年

- 办事处设立于上海、香港、新加坡和德国慕尼黑

MelchersRaffel is a specialized consulting boutique headquartered in Munich with three offices in Asia. From the Asia operations together with further Melchers offices, all relevant regions of Asia are covered. Typical clients are larger mid-size European companies in industrial goods, machinery, and also consumer goods sectors. We build bridges between cultures, regions and markets – experienced, professional, effective, and with the highest value added. Unlike any other consulting company, we have access to relevant networks in Asia, as well as an established, confidence-building brand name that has existed for more than 200 years.

MelchersRaffel has access to broad sector expertise through its consulting experience and the operative business development experience from the Melchers-Organisation. These branches range from technology and investment goods (e.g. machines) to IT (hardware and software), industrial goods (e.g. building products, chemical goods, supplier goods), consumer goods (e.g. furniture, groceries, sports products, toys, fashion, domestic products) up to luxury goods (e.g. watches, jewelry, fashion, accessories). Melchers is an international service organisation with over 150 years of experience in the development of corporate success in China and other countries in Asia. It has more than 1,700 employees in over 25 locations in Asia.